Is My Window Tint Legal? What’s the Window Tint Law? Find out Here?

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Is My Window Tint Legal? What's the Window Tint Law? Find out Here?

In this Issue, we want to discuss something that is usually only discussed once someone receives a ticket. What we are referring to is window tint legality and exactly what is legal. You would think that this should be easy to answer, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, there are several things that impact whether you will receive a ticket for the window tint on your car.

SPECIFIC LAW IN YOUR STATE – This one seems obvious, but the laws vary widely across the United States. What is perfectly accepted in one state can be completely illegal in another. With that being said, there’s a very handy directory made available by Window Film Pros that spells out exactly what is legal in each state. This chart is kept updated regularly as tint laws can change periodically. Make yourself familiar with this chart and understand what the laws are where you live. You can view the current chart by going HERE.

SPECIFIC LAWS IN THE STATE YOU ARE TRAVELING IN – To make matters a bit more complicated, it is possible for you to receive a ticket for illegal window tinting even if your tint is legal within the state in which your car is registered. Many states have the discretion to determine if they wish to hold any vehicle traveling within that state to the vehicle laws of that state. In fairness, most states, even if they have the right, refer back to the laws in the state in which the vehicle is registered. Just be aware that this is a possibility.

WHAT ABOUT A MEDICAL WAIVER? – Some states do have exemption to the law based on medical exemptions. This can be for things like skin sensitivity to the sun, eye sensitivity to the sun and other accepted reasons. These laws vary widely. The IWFA Chart mentioned above will tell you whether your state has a medical exemption, but not detail what that exemption is. You would need to check with your specific state to determine what is allowed and what documentation you would need to qualify.

DIFFERING ENFORCEMENT AND APPLICATION OF EXISTING LAWS – After you completely understand the law and how it applies to you, there is one last factor that is completely unpredictable; the level of enforcement of the law. This is usually left completely up to the discretion of each police department within the state. Some rarely even consider issuing a citation for window tint while others enforce the law stringently. In addition, the remedy in each area can vary from paying a simple fine to being issued a “fix-it ticket”. If a ticket is issued to fix the violation, the vehicle owner would need to have the tint removed and have their vehicle inspected by the court.

We didn’t write this article to scare you regarding having your windows tinted, we just want to make sure you educate yourself to the laws regarding window tint in your area. Because DUB iR window film comes in a variety of shades, you can choose the option that suits your needs and what is legal in your state.